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Mejor medio de contacto

A website is visited by a diverse audience that requires contact to obtain information on costs, services, delivery times, payment methods, etc.

Faced with such a wide universe of users, we find ourselves with diverse media preferences. Some are contacted by phone, others prefer to open the chat or send an email, or there are those who fill out the contact form and those who feel more comfortable using WhatsApp, but how to know which is the best and which benefits the most to our company?

According to a study conducted by Bold Software, at least 50% of visitors to a website that offers products and services prefer to use chat to answer their questions, and many even make their purchase through this means. Meanwhile, the SIE Report revealed that phone calls are going down along with email. These are in the last places of preference.
For its part, Scopen leaves the contact form with the lowest participation percentage, since it states that 21% of sales are made through it.

As we can see, chat is the communication medium with the most participation compared to the other three tools. It would be a resounding mistake not to exploit it to the fullest and what better way to do it than with a chatbot.
This tool, thanks to the advantages it offers, has become a trend.

Chats alone offer more confidence to the user and a more personalized service, but it is not something that can be available 24 hours a day since a person is needed behind him to carry on a conversation. Thanks to the revolutionary tool called chatbot, leave this in the past.

With this tool, the response is more immediate and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Of course, these advantages are not the only ones, if you want to delve deeper into them and the topic of the chatbot, visit: How do chatbots revolutionize business?

Well, in addition to the aforementioned, we have another means of communication no less important than chat and that is WhatsApp. It has opened the doors to an easy, fast, novel and practical means of contact that according to GMCS is used by at least 61% of users to make online purchases, while approximately 45% use it to contract services.

We are clear that the data may vary according to the business line, the target audience and the geographical area, causing some channels to have a better response than others. So our recommendation is to have the largest possible communication channels to serve all types of customers and have comprehensive communication.


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