Fri, 03/20/2020 - 21:26 By Admin
Mejor medio de contacto

A website is visited by a diverse audience that usually requires information on costs, services, delivery times, payment methods, etc. In the face of such a wide universe of users, we also find those who prefer to contact the provider by phone, those who open the chat or send an email, those who fill out the contact form and those who feel more comfortable using WhatsApp, but how do we know which is the best and which benefits our company the most?

According to a study carried out by Bold Software, at least 50% of the visitors to a website that offers services or products, prefer to use chat to solve their doubts, and many even make their purchase through this medium. Meanwhile, the SIE Report revealed that phone calls are going down and email is in the last places of preference. For his part, Scopen claims that 21% of sales are made through the contact form.

In addition to the previous ones, WhasApp has opened the doors of an easy, fast, innovative and practical means of contact that according to GMCS is used by at least 61% of users to make purchases online, while approximately 45% uses it to contract services.

We are clear that the data may vary according to the company's business, the target audience and the geographical area, so our recommendation is to have the five communication channels to provide attention to all kinds of clients.


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