The best way to potentiate the scope of a campaign is analysis based on detailed data and statistical information , given that constant improvement is achieved and the achievement of objectives is ensured.

We are convinced that access to statistical data is the key to achieving that what you invest, results in the results that justify every penny invested.

newWweb is a Google certified company, which ensures verifiable results in the shortest possible time. This feature is widely valued by our clients, as they feel calm knowing that we take care of each and every aspect of their Digital Marketing campaign.


Make better decisions

Due to the need to generate strategies that integrate various resources such as PPC sponsored ads, natural positioning in search engines and social networks, the need for accurate tracking and data analysis in advanced solutions that adapt to the needs of the company increases. Our clients know how their investment generates profits:
  • Your paid ads if they bring quality traffic?
  • Is it more what you get for organic searches than on social networks?
  • What are the pages (or content) that have the most visits?
  • How is the behavior of visitors on your site?
  • What is the most profitable navigation route for these channels?

We usually work with Google Analytics , but we are also familiar with other platforms that can be integrated.

The more information we receive, the better decisions we will make