We are experts in creating and optimizing strategies for pay-per-interaction advertising services, on the main social and search platforms, adopting a professional approach to ensure the best return on your investment. SEM positioning (Search Engine Marketing) is the paid positioning method, used to reach users who are potential customers more quickly.

Attract more clients and obtain the best results for your company

To achieve the best results, you need to focus on the user experience. The answer is to configure digital marketintg campaigns with dynamic ads that adapt to the user experience. This is possible with new digital advertising products, managed by a multidisciplinary team of certified professionals.


How to take advantage of the advances in online advertising ?

To be successful, it is essential to know and respect the user experience, on all devices. Mobile devices are now the most popular; This means that the way ads are displayed has completely changed.

The formula to generate good results is to follow the behavior of the user, from when he sees the ad, until he becomes our client and promoter.

How to connect with users?

Remarketing is a way to connect with people who previously interacted with your website or app.

We strategically position the ads so that those who have already shown interest in your business, continue to know the brand when they surf the internet, and thus, finish convincing them to buy.

dynamic remarketing campaigns exploit Google's AI technology machine learning to determine the target user and will display the ad that will give the best result, based on user data.

Search engine sponsored ads and social media promoted posts are created on different platforms. Combining these resources, with statistical reports, that show the multichannel conversion funnel, increase the knowledge of buyer users, and accelerate the interactions of potential customers with your brand, which will drive conversions faster, driving them effectively through the funnel of purchase.


Why choose us?

newWweb is a Google certified company , so you have the confidence that we have the experience to manage your advertising, to constantly improve the results, and we stay updated with the information about the latest resources.

The skills of a certified expert will give you the most desirable return on investment.

It is based on the perseverance in applying the best practices, which guarantee results, optimizing the campaigns based on the strategies and analyzing the statistics. Our philosophy is to become business partners of each of our clients. To have satisfied clients for a long time, we have to create a strategic alliance, where the negotiation is focused on mutual benefit.