Mon, 09/21/2020 - 16:23 By Admin

Chatbots allow us to have a new way of communication and to improve customer service. The use of a chatbot, as well as other innovations of the digital transformation era, is revolutionizing business.

It is almost impossible that you are not yet familiar with the term of the chatbot, but in any case, we tell you that it is nothing more than a program configured to respond automatically, and in the most sophisticated they can have artificial intelligence, which means that it is able to learn to improve responses.

Chatbots are configured to mimic human conversations and have answers to possible user questions.

It is very good to know what a chatbot is, but do you know the advantages that cause a revolution in business?

Immediate response

These days consumer behavior demands speed and ease, if the service offered does not have these characteristics, we are lost. Being present in social networks facilitates communication and having a chatbot integrated allows giving the customer a response that does not take more than 3 to 5 seconds.

When the user is in the purchase research process, analyzing their options, there are important aspects such as quality, guarantee and others; but it is the immediate response the detail that makes an exponential difference.

Improve Customer Service

  • Extended customer service: When you go to a store, you usually need someone to advise you, give you more personalized attention within the establishment; All this, when you are buying in an online store, you do not have it until you add a chatbot to assist the customer at all times and clarify any questions that may arise.
  • Always available customer support: The chatbot is not governed by hours or business days, it is available 24/7. This is a feature that positively impacts user satisfaction, in addition, this customer support improves even more because bots with artificial intelligence are able to learn from previously registered frequently asked questions.
  • Improves brand positioning: Many companies used to only respond to clients when they are contacted and did not initiate communication, that now CANNOT HAPPEN and more with millennial clients, they need the brand to always be one step ahead, in this sense chatbots are great allies for the positioning of your brand.

All this improves brand´s perception in the long term.

Generate more Engagement

While social media provides all that engagement to keep users engaged with your business, the chatbot helps make it more interactive, and depending on how it is configured, you can add a certain sense of humor.

Thanks to the sense of humor that you can put into the chatbot, it does not bore you with irrelevant information, which means that users are on your platform longer and in the same way keep the conversation active.

Data Collection

All conversations are saved, that information that chatbots collect serves as feedback to attack opportunities for improvement in your product or service, or on your website, because you can measure the conversion between visits to your website and the completed action of sale.

Entrance to Global Markets

If you are a local company that is ready to go international, chatbots are your perfect tool to solve the issue of business hours; If you live in Europe and have clients in Japan, when they are in working hours we are in our fifth dream, so a chatbot is perfect for providing customer service without having to get up at 4 in the morning to attend to them.

Cost Savings

Definitely implementing a chatbot that is functional is much cheaper than hiring 5 or 10 sales agents. One person will serve you one client at a time, and those who are sales experts will be able to serve at most three clients, which chatbots cannot, they serve thousands of people at the same time. This helps save time for human resources, so that they can dedicate themselves to other tasks.

With all this information you are sure you have already convinced yourself to implement your chatbot, but BEWARE, it is not just doing it to be done, if not, you have to think carefully about the personality of your chatbot so that it agrees with the personality of your brand and is consistent with the time to respond automatically to your customers.

Definitely, a chatbot helps you generate more income saving resources, we can help you transform your business.