The management of social networks ( community management ) is essential to increase the brand presence on the internet, but there is something more important still, it brings us closer to our users.

By generating a closer relationship with the client, we can answer your questions at any time; In addition, we follow up on any disagreements that may arise. The immediate response is something that users value. We, with any of our social media plans, take care that they have it.

For a good management of SOCIAL NETWORKS , it is necessary to have a SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN

How to create a successful social media plan?

The purpose of planning is to ensure that you meet business objectives. This way we can schedule all the publications that we will offer to your users; then we will measure the results.

To create a good plan, we must first analyze and research certain metrics; here we list the most important ones:

  • Internal analysis of the company
  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer analysis
  • Establish objectives, strategies and tactics
  • Planning and schedules

These data will help us determine the channels (social network), formats and type of optimal content to use. This plan will also be reviewed from time to time to adapt to changes and new goals.


Creativity and innovation in each post

Now, after having a solid planning, comes the creative work so that each post is unique and we hook your users. With this we will achieve that users identify with your brand.

We will do it with the help of relevant text for the user ( copywriting ) along with attractive visual content. These elements will always be consistent with the personality of your brand and with what you want to project to your users.

We create the best content plan for your business or company to succeed in social networks.

Neuromarketing in social networks

Neuromarketing has been present in social networks since they exist.

Social media humanizes companies, and consumers find a way to have a dialogue. When a customer has a complaint, they are looking for compression. Handling objections well can turn an angry customer into a brand promoter.

Emotions constantly invade all human beings; knowing how to channel them intelligently is an advantage that can also boost your business.

We can implement, depending on the plan you choose, a chatbot ; which, in addition to providing an immediate response, ensures you attend to each and every one of the users who wish to interact with you.


Viral Tactics

Our Social Media plan aims to make your brand, company or product known and create a community where people become promoters of your products and services.

Tactics aimed at generating greater impact and influence

Our strategy includes the following tactics:

  • Word of mouth: As we have already mentioned, the audience is the best advertising; Two people exchanging words about your product or services, generates perceptions that later, each one of them, will transmit to other people.
  • Increase interactions: Seek to have a greater number of clicks and shares; offering triggers, emotions, values ​​and stories (Story telling) for users to positively consume our content.
  • Use of advertising: This is an auxiliary, since it will not be everything in our marketing plan, but it does help us to boost a bit. There will be speed in "word of mouth" advertising
  • Take advantage of influence: We will study within your target market, which people have influence over others. We will take the opportunity to insert your product or service into their conversations.

Influencers Marketing

Depending on what your objectives are, we will apply this type of campaign where links are established between brands and companies, with people who have great visibility and reach on the internet (influencers).

Influencers have the charisma to influence the tastes and thoughts of their audience. With just one mention, criticism or use of your product or service, they will get their audience to know you and generate a certain perception of your brand.

Get a satisfactory ROI and promote your brand with an influencer marketing campaign.