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Posicionamiento web

Luz Estetika Barcelona

  • comment Lic. Luciana | Foundress
  • flag SPAIN

Very good service, they have had all the attention with us, listened to our online business plan and we rethought the project based on their experience. Time has shown us that it was a success.

Casos de éxito de Marketing Digital

DIF Texcoco

  • comment Lic. Esmeralda | Transparency
  • flag MEXICO

We are a government institution that needs a web platform that is easy to update to keep transparency content up to date the development of the platform was very fast thanks to the attentive follow-up they provided us.

Anuncios patrocinados


  • comment C.P. Rafael | Partner
  • flag MEXICO

The increase in enrollment that occurred in the first year that we started advertising on Google took us by surprise and we had to build 6 new classrooms for kindergarten and primary, later another wing was built to double the number of classrooms in middle and high school and the new laboratory.

Marketing Digital en Barcelona

Barbacoa Texcoco

  • comment Lic. Viviana | Businesswoman
  • flag ARGENTINA

With the union of our ideas and their experience, an original and easy-to-navigate website was achieved, the results motivated us to implement a system to manage online appointments, now the platform is helping us to improve service and to be more organized.

Casos de éxito

Red de negocios

  • comment Lic. Ana Gabriela | Co-Founder
  • flag MEXICO

They are our star provider! We compete with international corporations with a large budget to promote themselves on the internet, we have tried different agencies and we have been working with newWweb for more than 5 years because they have really achieved a return on investment sustainable.

Casos de éxito de Marketing Digital

Telefonía Virtual

  • commentLic. Charlene | Director
  • flag MEXICO

Initially we planned to promote in various traditional media, but the digital marketing strategy was so successful that the business grew exponentially to the point of having to accelerate the construction of new floors.