Do you know what an LMS is?

An LMS or Learning Management System is an application installed on a server that manages, distributes and controls the training activities of an institution or organization.

Its infrastructure and tools are designed for companies and universities looking for an e-learning solution that is flexible and easily scalable.

This platform is used by various organizations, from small companies to large multinationals and public administrations. Our support may include training, consulting, and assistance to help solve problems.

The main functions of the LMS are:

  • Manage user resources as well as training materials and activities.
  • Flexible role-based access control: Ability to add as many as needed.
  • Generate statistical reports: History of attempts and scores per user for each course.
  • Automatic generation of PDF certificates upon successful completion of an assessment.
  • Manage communication services such as discussion forums, video conferences, among others.
  • Possibility of including electronic commerce that allows to sell courses.
  • Creation of attractive learning routes to progressively graph knowledge activities.

Our LMS platform promotes a social constructivist pedagogy (collaboration, activities, critical reflection, etc.)


The LMS that suits you best

Depending on your needs and the characteristics that your audience demands, you can choose between our two platforms.

Innovative LMS

This LMS option has as its main feature "Versatility"

It has innovative features such as adaptive learning based on user results, automatic skill management, a mobile application and much more.

Its infrastructure

Regarding the infrastructure characteristics of our LMS we can highlight:

  • Fully compatible with SCORM (1.2 and 2004 v3) and Tin Can (xAPI)
  • Mobile application that provides functions specifically adapted for mobile devices
  • Integration with Apache Solr and (Active Directory) and CAS
  • Compatible with H5P interactive materials
  • Interactive chat, with workspaces, allowing asynchronous message sharing, file sharing, to-do lists
  • Live meeting solution with screen sharing, whiteboard and recording capabilities

Design customization is an important aspect today, our LMS gives you the opportunity to modify the presentation of your courses and profiles to your liking.


LMS Moodle

Recognized by many, this platform bases its structure on a constructivist conception of learning, so it can be used both for the e-Learning modality, as well as to complement and enrich face-to-face learning.

Among its advantages we find:

  • Scalable system in terms of the number of students.
  • Creation of virtual courses and virtual learning environments.
  • Digital add-on for classroom courses.
  • Possibility of various evaluation and qualification methods.
  • Accessibility and compatibility from any web browser, regardless of the operating system used.

It offers a large number of functionalities and possibilities, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage by requiring a greater investment for its initial configuration and not being adequately adapted to the needs of the project, precisely due to an excess of options.

Collaborative solutions

The top three benefits to offering new collaborative perspectives are:

  1. Collaborate more efficiently within collaborative workspaces, whatever your project, its duration or size, for academic or professional purposes.
  2. Communicate easily between learners and trainers, colleagues and clients.
  3. Create documents collaboratively, discuss through live meetings.

And now what?

Choosing the most appropriate LMS for your project can be complicated, here are some tips so you know what to take into account.