The best way to guarantee that the digital marketing strategy is successful is by applying marketing automation as we will ensure that each and every one of the actions of said strategy is executed faster and more efficiently.

How do we do it?

Using specialized software tools we create workflows (a series of actions that are executed automatically) so that our leads travel through the conversion funnel ( funnel ) successfully and in the end they become customers.

The conversion funnel is designed depending on the objectives and goals you want to achieve, when creating the workflows, we use different digital marketing resources such as:

  • Creation of personalized content
  • Personalized email marketing
  • Planning, programming and publication of content on social networks
  • Creation of Landing pages
  • CHATBOT implementation
  • Remarketing with predictive analytics

And more!

Implementing màrqueting automation provides an excellent ROI (Return on Investment)

Some of the marketing automation features are like the chatbot, which provides a fundamental aspect, and which in our opinion is the most important: ATTENTION TO THE CUSTOMER.
Whether you are a client or prospect, you will feel unhappy, because it will allow you to provide personalized and timely attention, with all the available times to attend, escort, answer your questions and come.

Remarketing with predictive analysis

It is difficult who visits for the first time in contact, the internautes visit other websites to make sure they have selected the best option, a remarketing campaign shows announcements to people who have visited the lloc web almenys a vegada. Named studios have confirmed that remarketing campaigns are more effective, compared to email or fence.

I will understand the shopping habits that allow me to predict consumer behavior and to personalize the advertisements that will help to optimize the various advertising campaigns. These predictions, how they combine with the automatic learning capabilities ( Intel·ligència artificial ), can help to detect patterns in ancient times in looking for common points in the behavior of clients who have bought something in the last 30 days.

In summary

In addition to an immediate response, the marketing automation and will provide an additional series of advantages:

  • Redueix costs and staff temps
  • Major control of marketing actions
  • More detailed follow-up of the impact and the metrics
  • Automatically detects the records that are more prepared for a higher commercial offer.
  • Objective public teu segmentation in a more precise way.

Attend to your clients for the moment, I offer you one thing that I can't resist,
The personalization