The best way to ensure that your digital marketing strategy is successful is by applying marketing automation . This will ensure that each and every one of the actions of said strategy is executed quickly and efficiently.

To new challenges, new solutions!

Today's consumers are curious and impatient , the challenge is to turn this concern into an opportunity to create closer relationships with customers.

New digital technologies offer solutions to create effective campaigns adapted to new customer journeys

We constantly innovate in order to achieve the maximum performance of your marketing strategy and take it one step further.

How do we do it?

Using specialized software tools we create workflows (a series of actions that are executed automatically) so that our potential customers ( leads ) go through the conversion funnel ( funnel ) successfully and eventually they become customers.

The conversion funnel is designed depending on the objectives and goals you want to achieve, when creating the workflows, we use different digital marketing resources such as:

  • Creation of personalized content
  • Personalized email marketing
  • Planning, programming and publication of content on social networks
  • Creation of Landing pages
  • CHATBOT implementation
  • Remarketing with predictive analytics

And more!

Implementing marketing automation provides an excellent ROI (Return on Investment)

Within marketing automation you will have tools such as the chatbot, which gives you a fundamental aspect, and which in our opinion is the most important: CUSTOMER SERVICE.

With this tool, no client or prospect will feel neglected, since it allows us to provide personalized and timely attention, being all the time available to attend, listen, solve their doubts and sell.

Label implementation strategy.

It is difficult for those who visit us for the first time to contact us. Internet users visit other websites to make sure they choose the best option. A remarketing campaign shows ads to people who have visited your website at least once.

Numerous studies have shown that remarketing campaigns are more effective, compared to email or search.

How does Remarketing with predictive analytics work?

Understanding shopping habits allows us to predict consumer behavior and then personalize the advertisements that will help optimize your advertising campaigns.

These predictions, when combined with machine learning capabilities ( Artificial Intelligence ), lead to new users entering a certain profile. If the user cannot interact with you on the first attempt, remarketing will take actions that will show users the product or service they saw previously.

Thanks to the cookies saved in the users 'browsers, ads will be displayed, not only to those who have already visited your website but also to those who have visited your competitors' website.

In summary

In addition to an immediate response, the use of marketing automation will provide you with an additional series of advantages such as:

  • Reduce costs and staff time
  • Greater control of marketing actions
  • More detailed tracking of impact and metrics
  • Automatically detects the records that are more prepared to receive a commercial offer.
  • Segmentation of your target audience more precisely.

Serve your customers at all times, and offer them something they can't resist, Personalization

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