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Empathy in digital Marketing will always be the key to understanding the consumer, increasing sales and generating successful strategies.

The way in which empathy affects marketing is essential for the objectives to be met, and important aspects such as data and creativity are only a complement in the strategy.


Focusing and searching a liitle bit about our main word in this article, we find that empathy is perceiving or inferring in other people fellings, emotions and thoughts, and recognize them as similar to yourself.
Now, when we realize a market study, frecuently, the objective is to know obout the target, there is when the empathy entries, this action in marketing implies to identify the mood of potencial clients, eventhough they don´t say it out loud or express it like it is, this can help us to connect with our audience and to generate engagement; also, knowing all their needs and understanding their fears, doubts and ilussions, make us see what their need is, and so, we can offer the solution.  

For selling something that your clients do not even know that they need, we have to enter between their emotions and understand what they really feel, experience and wish.

There are some other aspects, which are important to know, so that the empathy develops in an integral way:

  • Left reason aside and focus in EMPATHY: Previously we had the traditional marketing that focused on highlighting the characteristics of the products, but this was losing strength when seeing that it was irrelevant, that is why we put aside the "why our product is the best" and now we focus on the "experiences that my product or service offers". We put aside what we consider that people "need", and then focus on the "desire", which is much more important when making a purchase decision.
  • Clients end up being our friends: It is true that there are times when friends end up being our clients, but also, when acquiring a client and being empathic with him, understanding his needs, giving him an optimal service and guaranteeing results, causes that laboral relationship to become friendship, this being very useful when measuring customer satisfaction.

¿How do Data and creativity complement empathy?

We must recognize the importance of those aspects that are also part when we create strategies. Starting with  data, these are very useful because thanks to Big Data technology and automated marketing actions we can analyze and measure the opinions and perspectives that our clients have about us, in the same way we can identify how they think and feel users, in this way, together with empathy we can replace generic ads with personalized ones, in this way we will not be crossing our fingers trying to reach the desired target hopefully, but thanks to these data the segmentation will become more specific and It will help us to identify with more certainty what our users want to consume.

Now, in terms of creativity, this will always accompany empathy because a lot of it is needed to dedicate itself to building and increasing the brand presence in the digital world, but above all, it requires a lot of dedication to exercise vocation of service and attention.
Once we understand the client, what he wants, what he feels and what motivates him, we have to corroborate it with the data, having as a final step BE CREATIVE and start generating ideas to fill those feelings that we already understood about our clients.
With creativity and empathy we generate affective and emotional relationships, highlighting above all values associated with the wishes, desires and aspirations of consumers.

In a more technical aspect of marketing, all the aforementioned is directly related to Neuromarketing, and it is not unreasonable that it is this way, because neuromarketing, through empathy, seeks with its campaigns to awaken the user's sensitivity, show you that we care, that our main job is to satisfy what you want.

Our task is to know your target audience. Nowadays it is easier than ever, with the internet and social networks, we know what your target audience wants by listening to it, being interested in it and interacting, since it is not enough just to upload content, but you must maintain communication bidirectional.

Now you know the importance of being empathetic in digital marketing, so listen to your customers, understand them and sell experiences.