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Marketing de contenido

Content marketing is essential when you want to increase audience, sales and connect with your consumer. This causes the brand image to become stronger and better positioned in the consumer's mind.

First of all, we are going to tell you a little anecdote that we are going to use to exemplify:

In mid-May, Spain began the process of deconfinement towards the "new normal" and in the first week we received the good news that the last project was already attracting clients, when most of the businesses and especially the aesthetic services had a lot of uncertainty:

These messages encourage the entire team to continue working with more momentum every day, nothing encourages a creative team more than a frank pat on the back!

What was the winning formula ?

We could explain it as experts in digital marketing always do, filling our mouths with technological nomenclatures, which often leads to our interlocutor, in the effort to capture one of the concepts, loses the thread, and we end up talking alone, so we do not we'll go into those details ...

In fact, chances are you are looking to apply the magic formula that will grow your business , without the need to understand every SEO technique, or the difference between METATAG and HASHTAG .

Of course, it is very important to take care of every detail that fosters good search engine positioning, but this is not enough, the winning formula is to combine our technical experience with the knowledge of the business that each client has, creating a relationship of trust so that each member appropriately channels their efforts.


The owner of already had a website for several years, but the results did not meet her expectations, so she came to We and we take care of recovering your domain and rebuilding your website.

From the creation of a new logo and a design oriented to the user experience, to the application of all the SEO techniques in the code, so that it came out in the first places of search engines and that it was easy to navigate and contact for new web visitors.


The recovery of your investment; it came faster than expected

Another factor that helped was the COVID-19 pandemic, because during the confinement the company was inclined to surf the Internet more and its potential customers already knew that she was ready to attend to them with all the security measures.

Content marketing, is more successful when appropriate , as soon as Luciana had a date to return to activity, she took care of guaranteeing well-being of their clientele and took the time to create an article to convey that peace of mind.

This means that there is another important factor that we have to include in the content marketing winning formula, constant improvement .



We love to talk about NEUROMARKETING, UX DESIGN and ANALYTICS, but the most valuable thing is the verification that the leap from theory to practice confirms the fulfillment of the objectives set from the beginning.

This allows us to ensure that we are on the right track and that we can do more.

If you have not yet taken the step, now is your best opportunity to start the digital transformation of your business.