Tue, 11/16/2021 - 21:28 By Admin

The trend revolution has pushed digital marketing to little-known limits and risky attempts to stay current in the market.

The concern to lead the trends becomes a general concern, that is why here we present a series of news that will frame the digital marketing career in 2022.

These are the TOP 5 digital marketing trends for 2022:

1. SEO + Content marketing

Appear in the search engine organically or through advertising, must be accompanied by good content marketing, and also be thought and executed as complementary

We must make sure to create content that captivates the potential customer, providing relevant and interesting information, whether in written, graphic or visual form.

No more generic material!

Now it is essential to generate videos, podcasts, case studies, webinars focused on customer requirements and doubts.

Coordinating the actions of SEO and content marketing will be the basis of a series of actions that will improve the quality of the results shown to customers and to the company.

2. Hard data

Today is to be transparent.

The ease with which we have access to information has made it possible for customer decisions to become more and more informed.

The relevance of the statistical data and the investigations that are taken up to write an article or make an infographic boast of being valid and true for a long time.

Now it is necessary to have hard data that is collected by and for the company, that is increasingly close to customers.

With the imminent disappearance of cookies to third parties, it is necessary to think about methods to collect, analyze and systematize information from potential customers and active customers.

In order to ensure customer retention, be attractive to potential customers and position yourself in the market.

3. Interaction

This trend will continue to position itself with some changes.

The interaction also makes possible the relationships of trust between client and company.

The relationship with clients must be dynamic and non-orthodox. Try different methods of interaction (mainly through social networks) with surveys, live broadcasts, webinar, question box, opinion box, powered by a brand ambassador or influencer, it will be key to continue positioning in the market.

4. Accessibility for people with functional diversity.

It is necessary to provide the appropriate tools to facilitate access to people who have long been on the fringes of the digital ecosystem.

Being inclusive should be a priority, generating content and maintaining relationships with customers cannot continue to be limited. Implement voice command to explore the site or text reader to know the content, show an option to guide new ways of interacting with the digital ecosystem.

5. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been a little-explored digital innovation with a view to unlimited scope.

Chatbots have been exceeded by their limitations to solve FAQ's, now artificial intelligence seeks to position itself as an option to be an intermediary between the company and the client.

Through more organic conversations, which allow the client to resolve doubts, make clarifications without there being a communication limitation.

The implementation of artificial intelligence to the work team supposes a good user experience, greater productivity of the work team and the guarantee of a trustworthy channel.

2022 invites us to know, innovate, experiment, to leave behind the conventions, the scripts, the expected, it is time for a reinvention.

This year also gives us the opportunity to prepare for a world without third-party cookies, for which we must be prepared.