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Neuromarketing is responsible for analyzing the consumer's purchase decision process, in order to produce strategies to attract potential audience and generate more sales.

The purchase decision process

  1. It starts from the identification and recognition of a desire or need,
  2. The next step is to do a preliminary research on the products and services that are likely to meet that need,
  3. Then comes the choice of the product or service to purchase,
  4. Finally to the purchase and post-sale experience.

Neuromarketing generates benefits by being present in each of the purchase decision stages.

In the first step of this process, the consumer's subconscious, through experiences and feelings obtained anywhere, will awaken a desire or need.

When the consumer is in the product or service research stage, they are looking for their best option. In this part, we can fill it with rational arguments about why we are the best, but it would not be of much use, since what matters is experience and what we will make you feel with our product.

Finally, in the after-sales, we must keep in contact with our client, make him feel that we are there for him at all times, that we understand him and that in any problem with our product or service we will attend to him immediately.

Selling experiences, immediate response and being close to our consumer are pillars to strengthen our positioning in the consumer's mind.

Among the other benefits of neuromarketing we can find that:

  • Identify common behavior patterns: With digital marketing we can identify certain behaviors and see what causes them, creating role models that provide us with concrete data to create campaigns and products optimized for our consumers.
  • It allows us to offer customers only what they need: By knowing your consumer in depth, detecting what they like, their needs and their stimuli, we can more precisely segment what we are going to offer.
  • Strengthens the brand image: With neuromarketing, communication and branding, the company focuses on the real needs of the consumer. This helps to connect with the target audience to generate interest and trust with the brand.
  • Increase the level of conviction: Information is power, the more data you have about your consumer, the easier it is to convince them, because you know what causes or encourages them to consume a certain product, service or even content.

Discover your clients' wishes before they express them It is totally possible thanks to the application of neuromarketing.

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