Tue, 12/13/2022 - 13:08 By Admin
Drupal vs WordPress

Both Drupal and WordPress are CMS (content management systems), that is, it is a platform that helps you create a website without having high programming knowledge.

Although theoretically both CMS can be used by non-programmers, the truth is that Drupal takes advantage of much more if you have programming knowledge, while WordPress is more friendly to non-programmers, however, it is recommended to take a course to be able to maneuver WordPress with real effectiveness.

WordPress now powers 43.3% of all websites and controls a massive 65.1% of the known content management systems market.

Examples of use: Whitehouse.gov, Sony Mobile.

Originally launched in 2000, Drupal powers 2.3% of all websites and has a 4.6% share of the content management systems market.

Examples of use: Tesla, NASA.

Advantages of WordPress: 

  • Development costs are lower. 

  • It's easier to use 

  • WordPress developers are usually more affordable 

Advantages of Drupal: 

  • The content is more customizable. 

  • It allows to handle more content. 

  • It gives you more control over user permissions. 

  • Has a good team of security experts 

  • It is highly scalable 

I want to focus more on this last point, since a problem that WordPress users encounter is that when they want to improve their website since they are expanding, they encounter many limitations when improving their website, while Drupal allows you to scale the quality of your website more easily.

Putting it in an analogy WordPress is like a house; a house is built thinking that it stays that way, which limits the possibilities when expanding, while Drupal is like a hotel since it is better designed for the moment of expansion. This analogy also serves to express the organization; WordPress has default users while Drupal, by allowing customizable users fits our analogy of the hotel since in a hotel you can grant keys to different people depending on the objective they have to meet such as: cleaning managers are given the keys to their respective floors to do the cleaning while giving keys to the administrators of other areas of the hotel.

In conclusion, there is no one better than another will depend on what you want to abide by with your project. And we can help you determine the best one for yours.