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Estrategia de Marketing Digital

Digital Marketing has been gaining ground over the years thanks to the technological advances that arise day by day. Strategies have also been created that, due to their efficiency and effectiveness, are already trending in their application. If what you are looking for is to know what characteristics will highlight this type of marketing during 2020, you are in the right place because below we share a list with their keys:

He works with neurology to study the behavior of the brain when buying something. It engages the emotional with what you want to sell, getting your brain to secrete certain substances involved in processing and storing information.
These two types of reality have become popular in recent years, also placing them among the trends for this 2020, but augmented reality is likely to lead between these two directions.
Commonly used on web sites through chatbots, which are responsible for providing care such as answering questions, assisting with registrations and answering complaints for netizens. It is a very effective option because customers like to get quick solutions when contacting a company.
It is a new branch of marketing, which focuses on more human concepts, values ​​and respect for planet Earth. They are companies that seek to cause less harm to the environment, society and its environment in general.
We live in an age of high technological breakthroughs, which gives us the opportunity to make the most of them. People nowadays prefer to visit websites that have good visual and interactive content because they can feel some closeness to the page they visit.
This is content that appears in the form of a featured snippet just below PPC sponsored ads and above organic search. Zero position can increase CTR by more than 100%.

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