Thu, 12/22/2022 - 12:14 By Editor
Web hosting

Of course you can! 

To be able to keep your email and inbox; You must keep your domain. 

But first let's clarify a little terminology.  

The domain would be the equivalent of the birth certificate of your website. And web hosting would be the place where your website (hosting) lives. 

Most providers include domain and web hosting in one package. The most important thing is that you have access to the domain. 

You have 2 options to change hosting while keeping your domain: 

  • Keeping your domain with the same provider, and changing the server name to link it to a new hosting.

  • Transferring your domain with a new web hosting provider.

We can advise you.

Now, we are ready to migrate our mail. 

  1. Copy the information from your old server to the new one. 

  2. Rename the server to point to the new one. 

  3. Ready! You can now configure on your devices with the name of the new server. 

If you have any questions contact us.