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Persona buyer

A good strategy will always be based on objectives and goals; When this strategy is user-oriented, the objective is to fully understand and determine who your buyer personas will be.

To begin, we explain that the persona buyer is an archetype of the ideal client of a product or service.

When defining it, unlike when opting for the target, we make a segmentation based not only on specific sociodemographic data but also on aspects such as their online, personal, professional behavior, as well as their pains , which are basically needs and their drivers which are motivations.

When the marketing strategy is user-oriented, it must be developed based on the benefits of the product or service that attack the needs and motivations of the person buyer.

It is important to have a very clear mental image of our buyer.

Your buyer is the most important to define your strategy and these are its main advantages:

  • You better know the audience you are targeting. Knowing better the customer's profile helps us to identify their pains (needs) and drivers (motivations) to focus the strategy on them.
  • You know what type of content to create: Everything we know about our buyer gives us a guideline to know what content to create. Content that engages the interests of our users.
  • You know where to find our buyer persona: We have precise knowledge of how they interact and in which channels they are present, such as which social networks they use and what searches they do on the internet.
  • You optimize resources: Finally, when the job of identifying our persona buyer is well done, we are sure that our strategy will be optimized and risks will be minimized.

Multichannel funnel

When we have not one, but several buyers, the multichannel funnel is a very good tool to carry out the different actions of the buyer's journey.

The buyer's journey or also known as the buyer's path is the whole set of steps that the user goes through to become from a prospect to a real customer.

Attentive to every opportunity to attract and attract.

The actions at the beginning of the conversion funnel are intended to attract the user and not let go until the end. It should be noted that the end is not when the purchase is made, but until the loyalty stage.

The multi-channel funnel is responsible for completing the purchase process using the channels that each different buyer uses to communicate with us.

Multi-channel funnel as a metric

Multichannel funnels as metrics provide data and information about the routes that buyers follow or must follow to reach the conversion goal.

It is a great piece of information, because it informs us of how our buyer has entered our website, which pages he has visited previously and finally how the conversion was achieved. By providing us with information about the customer journey, we can make decisions about changing or maintaining strategies depending on the weak points in our strategy.

These are the data that multichannel funnels provide us and can help us make decisions:

  • Know which pages have the highest abandonment rate.
  • Know why in a specific step, the user decides to go back. For example, lack of information, an image is not displayed correctly, or lack of user tracking.
  • Know what is the action that gives us more conversions and enhance it. As well as optimizing the other sources that do not get as many conversions.
  • Relevant information for better decision making

You already know the importance of defining a buyer persona, we can help you find the different types of buyers that your product or service can address and based on this create the BEST STRATEGY.