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Google Ads is extremely popular, many companies have discovered the enormous benefits of online advertising due to its low costs and large reach of users; which generates a faster and better ROI.

As time goes by, this tool evolves dramatically, always aiming to facilitate processes and optimize results. This is when Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into play.

It's time to explote artificial intelligence in your online ad campaigns.

AI has become a key tool for google ads, but what is the significant efficiency it brings? We can find innumerable benefits of Artificial Intelligence, here are the ones that optimize google ads campaigns for us.


With AI we get tools that do the repetitive tasks by themselves. In google ad campaigns it is possible:

  • Choose a series of automated bidding strategies focused on specific objectives.
  • Automate test announcements providing clarity on improved performance.
  • Automatically generate the text of your ads.
  • Dynamically create ads based on your website content to generate and target ads using dynamic search ads.

Learn and predict consumer behavior

AI, together with statistics tools and machine learning, can anticipate future consumer actions.

For example, it is able to calculate the probability of abandonment of a web page, to be able to update it and find a way to retain users.

In the same way, it begins to learn what the user visits the most, what means of contact they prefer, what payment methods they use to make their purchases and other metrics, to analyze them and create personalized strategies oriented to each type of consumer.

Optimize segmentation

Little by little, the traditional tools to segment a market niche are lagging behind, because Artificial Intelligence helps to better understand the consumer, before they understand or identify their needs.

Artificial intelligence in internet ad campaigns identifies and separates users by cohorts, to target specific ads directed at each one of them.

It makes segmentation easier and more efficient, because with all the data that the database houses, it is easy to identify the characteristics of the users.

Customize your ads

We are not talking only about putting the user's name, but through segmentation and identifying user behavior, the AI ​​shows ads to users in specific ways, with different designs and formats, which according to the data provided, they are ideal for each type of user.

By incorporating AI into ad campaigns on Google, brands are able to offer the most relevant products and services to each consumer, at the precise moment when the greatest probability of purchase occurs.

Before we finish with the discussion of the efficiency of AI, there is another point worth mentioning: Remarketing with predictive analytics.

Show your ads to users who are watching the competition

Cookie data collection, big data, and machine learning can show ads to people who have visited the website at least once or to your competition.

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