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We know that there can be all kinds of doubts when deciding which domain to direct to your website will be, so here you can clarify some of your doubts about What are domain extensions? Which one is right for you for have better positioning? and Can I use more than one domain extension for my brand or company?

What are domain extensions?

Domain extensions are the final part of a domain name and reveal the nature of the site.

Some of those that indicate the content of the website are:
• .com for commercial use
• .org for non-profit associations
• .edu for academic institutions
• .net for Internet services
• .info for informational websites
• .biz for business

Some Internet extensions used and reserved for a dependent country or territory are:
• .mx for Mexico
• .es for Spain
• .ar for Argentina
• .tv for Tuvalu. It is very popular (and therefore valuable) as it matches the meaning of the word "television".

You must choose the domain extension that suits you best.

You can check the availability of your company name in the different extensions with us and start the registration process here .

What domain extension is best for you to have better natural positioning?

First of all, it must be taken into account that few users use to carry out their searches, so ( for Spain, for Argentina, for Mexico, etc.)
Data to consider:

  • Domains work better if their extension is local, that is, "from each country"
  • Locally relevant pages rank very high for your local searches, even if their PageRank is very low.

For these reasons, if one of the main objectives of the web project is to have a good natural positioning, the suggestion is that you occupy a local domain extension.

Can I use more than one domain extension for my brand or company?

When the name of a person or that of a business, product or service is registered, no one else will be able to register the same name with the terminations that identify it and in this way will protect your name on the Internet.
In the event that you decide to register more than one extension for the same website, make sure to redirect all the domains to the one that contains the information so that Internet users always access the content and do not find the "Server not found" error in their browser.

The suggestion is that you occupy a local domain extension

Since we finished talking about domain extensions, it is important to touch on another topic that many people do not know, and that is the change of hosting. Many think that by changing it they will lose their domain and have to register another, which causes a regrettable loss of positioning, but is it really necessary?

Can I change the Hosting server without losing my domain?

Of course yes!

Domain registrations are managed by organizations that manage the relationship between your domain and webhosting, which is the server where your website and / or mail server are located.
In case you decide on another hosting server provider, you have 2 options:

  • Keep your domain with the same provider and change the DNS to link it with the new hosting.
  • Transfer of your domain with your new web hosting provider.

There are different requirements depending on whether it is a natural person, a company, an official body or a non-governmental association.

Sometimes hosting providers offer their services remotely and do not respond to their clients with due attention, but clients keep renewing their services because they do not know how to change providers and fear losing their domain registration.