Thu, 03/19/2020 - 23:15 By Admin

COVID-19 has rocked society to unsuspected levels, however this contingency is the perfect time to experience the home office, the webinar , and stop the limits .

That is why we share with you the main tools for videoconferences:

This platform supports up to 25 people, allowing it to be used without having to pay a peso, it is also available on the web and as a mobile application, it is the most recommended as it is currently the most practical.
It provides optimized business-quality video conferencing for both desktop and mobile devices and supports up to 1000 connected users, it is currently gaining popularity as registration is free and to start a meeting you just have to select "host". It is ideal for small, medium and large corporations.
You have the offer in Google videoconferences, it supports 10 users connected in its classic mode and up to 25 in its Work version. Requires a gmail account to use it.
It supports up to 1500 users, it is available for all devices and its quality is considered very high, however, it is a paid application.
It is an application that allows access for up to 25 people and its quality is quite good, however, it is exclusive for Apple devices.
The most striking feature of this application is that it allows you to start a video call and convert it into a video conference. Viber is great for dynamic teams where creativity is up to date.
The most widely used application in instant messaging supports video conferences with a limit of four people, just start a video call and add participants. For small teams, it is the most recommended option.

But these are not the only options: Duo, ooVoo, Tango, Fring, BlueJeans, WiZiQ and WeCHat, are also positioned as viable options. Best of all, these and the previous applications are very easy to install and use, so do you dare?