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Google analytics

Doubt the data until the data leaves no room for doubt. Henri Poincaré

Web analytics is a digital marketing tool, used to collect, analyze and understand information about website traffic.

This tool will make it easier for you to manage your digital business with a professional analysis that will allow you to segment your customers and prepare more targeted marketing campaigns.

Here we tell you the 3 reasons why you need to implement web analysis on your page.

Have a diagnosis

Web analytics allows you to have a diagnosis that brings you closer to knowing the traffic of your website in a certain time.

View the origin of the visit, number of visitors, new users, average page views, duration of the visit, bounce rate, conversions, etc.

The diagnosis will help you stay updated with market trends, know user behavior and improve the keywords related to your site to attract more customers, improving your online results.

Get ready to evaluate your campaigns, strategies, processes, methods and accessibility to your website, all this in order to identify areas with greater potential and opportunities for improvement to continue positioning yourself in the market.

Make smart decisions

Do positioning techniques work?

Is your digital marketing strategy matching with your customers?

To make smart decisions you need to have defined and oriented objectives, for example, to publicize your brand, increase sales or perhaps know customer satisfaction.

For whatever your objective, the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) should be clear only so the data obtained becomes meaningful data.

Plan improvements, develop strategies, experiment, launch tests (A / B Tests) and know which one works best based on an analysis of the results of your strategy, and make the necessary adjustments to increase your results. You can also identify the profitability of your product or service and generate strategies to increase the profit margin.

Set new goals

The webs change and the users also.

Reinvent digital marketing campaigns and innovate your website. Knowing your customers through analytical data will help you to recognize what they like and what they don't, you will identify what requires more attention, and you will be able to develop business strategies with greater certainty of success.

Get to know your current clients and the target target, execute your action plan and increase the reputation of your brand.

The opportunity to set new objectives to achieve the success of your product or service, facilitates planning based on the identification of areas in which your company stands out and those in which it must improve. All this is possible with a professional web analytics service.

At Newwweb we have certified professionals in Google Analytics that will help you improve your results. Are you ready to boost your business?