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In recent weeks, Telegram has been competing strongly with WhatsApp, achieving that a large number of users are joining it and it is not only that it continues to grow and position itself as one of the most used instant messaging app, it also has extremely attractive features.

A platform that you should start to take into account

What are its most attractive features?

Telegram has other qualities that make it an interesting and attractive platform for different types of users, they can even benefit from it.

From design to privacy, we mention here the most attractive that this platform has:

  1. Privacy: If you do not want someone with access to your mobile to enter your Telegram, you can block it with a PIN or fingerprint, you can also see the dates and devices where your account is accessed. Likewise, each user's subscriber list is visible only to the channel owner and administrators. Subscribers cannot see who else has signed up, nor can they see which accounts manage the channel.
  2. Personal blog: You will not only be able to share plain text publications, with Telegraph (micro blogging platform) you will be able to create articles and share them directly on Telegram.
  3.  Personalization: You can give the size and design that you want to the letter with which you write, whether it is bold, italic, or mono scatter.
  4. A single notification: You can send several photos at the same time, which will only generate 1 single notification on your device, and you will be able to see all the photos no matter how many they are.
  5. Music player: You can send yourself MP3 files with the songs you want to listen to and when you do, it will show you controls to pause and go to the next song, you can also play them in a loop.
  6. Integrated browser: Telegram also has an internal browser so you can visit any website without leaving the app and entering your mobile browser.

 How to use Telegram for your business?

  1. Use of channels: They are a tool to spread your public messages to large audiences. They offer a unique opportunity to reach people directly, sending a notification to their phones with each post. Telegram channels can have an unlimited number of their subscribers, and only admins can post. It is of great importance if you want your business to have a close relationship with your audience.
  2. Use a username instead of a phone number: People can find you or even search for you within the app using a username, without having to obtain your phone number, it is another of the ways and ways in which you can take care of the privacy of your business.
  3. Provide customer service: With Telegram you can create a database of your prospects and customers, to know who writes to you and how often they do it, you provide yourself with personalized, fast, effective attention, which can be highly valued by people who are interested in contacting your company.
  4. Create Polls and Questionnaires: You can use polls to know public opinion, make decisions and help your audience to have contact with you. Questionnaires would be useful to make things more fun or to add valuable content and achieve interactions with your target market.
  5. Multiplatform: It is available for any type of desktop computer (Windows, Mac Os and Linux). In this sense, no company can allow its communication channels with the client to have compatibility obstacles or technical limitations on certain platforms.
  6. Send large files in high resolution: You can send any type of images without compression in high resolution, which is very useful for content such as infographics; It is useful for companies to share valuable content with their audience.

As specialists in digital marketing, we recognize that Telegram is one step ahead, since it has interesting features that your business can take advantage of to increase visibility, recognition and connection with your users.

These characteristics can be adapted to your business without problem and in a simple way

Without a doubt, we will help you position your business or company in the best way with favorable results in the simplest way and all with a single click on Telegram.