Tue, 07/28/2020 - 17:51 By newWweb

Deciding which LMS is the most appropriate for your business or project, is an easy task if you know the key elements to evaluate.


Well, the first thing to keep in mind is define your audience and what it will demand from your LMS, we will segment you three main audiences:

  • Your students: They would like to have everything well broken and easy to handle; you need a digestible platform that has the necessary sources of information.
  • Your employees: They need didactic tools for planning their courses, performance evaluation reports, to monitor the progress of users in the course.
  • Your clients: They require the possibility of having a demo of your platform, as well as guaranteeing security in transactions and use.


After having determined your audience, you will be able to identify the elements and tools that you need in your platform and create a duality between having the tools you REALLY NEED and the ones you WOULD ONLY LIKE TO HAVE.

Some convenient features to have in mind are:

  • Easy to use, so that the students and administrators know how to navigate in it intuitively.
  • Reports that efficiently monitor the progress of the course student.
  • LMS compatible with SCORM and Xapi courses.

Keep in mind that if your LMS isn´t compatible with them, it would be a very basic platform.


This is a substantial in the selection and purchase process.

Once you have determined your audience, as well as the tools your platform must have, research all the compatible LMS with your needs and budget.

Make a list of those prospects you are interested in and look for more information about each of the platform providers, their reputation and especially post-sale monitoring, making sure that there is someone supporting you and your team at any time of the day if some technical problem would result.


Lastly, discard those LMS that definitely don’t match with your needs, and select the one that suits you best.

The way you can find out, if it suits you or not, you will surely like it, since it is to request a trial period or demo; we know that many of the platforms have this option available, as it helps them take a taste of what their service can offer. It will help you to witness the effectiveness it provides to your project.

If you still can’t reach a decision, you can go back to investigate the suppliers, evaluate your needs, or consult with the rest of your teamwork; in this way the decision will be comprehensive and inclusive.

Remember that choosing the right LMS for your company or business is the most important thing, because it determines the success of your learning strategy.

We assure you that, if you follow these steps, you will be able to give a complete and consistent service to your business philosophy.

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